Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I "HEART" the Farmers Market

Those of you who know me know that my love of food is rivaled only by my love of Farmers Markets. It all started in Ithaca (see the photo at left of me and Sis selling Fat Boy Bakery goodies at the Ithaca Farmers Market!) but I must say that the Marin County Farmers Market is quite wonderful. MO and I go almost every weekend to stock up on wonderful produce and other goodies.

Some of our current favorite items (besides whatever produce is at its peak) are:

green chile corn tortillas
Mi Abuelita makes these really tasty corn tortillas with the best texture. Excellent for homemade fish tacos.

honey yogurt
According to their label, Saint Benoit yogurt is "Artisinal, French-style yogut, made in small batches in Bodega, CA". According to me: delicious and rich - I especially love the honey variety(not sure if its the "Frenchness" or the adorable ceramic crock I like more)

old world portugese cheese
Located in Petaluma, Spring Hill Cheese Company makes a huge variety of delicious cheeses (and let's you taste as many as you want!), including our favorite, which is salty, delicious, and hard but creamy. Yum.

PS: I've also started volunteering with the Marin Farmers Market. Oh, yeah, and we're getting married at the farmers market pavilion in Ithaca. See, I really do love Farmers Markets.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Pizza Pie

Since moving to California, MO has been complaining about the lack of a really good "New York slice". After much trial and tribulation (and testing many many pizza places), we think that Amici's probably has the North Bay's closest thing (although 1 - you can't get it by the slice and, 2 - it costs much more than NY pizza). If you're looking for Chicago Style pizza, Old Chicago in Petaluma is the way to go (although in my opinion, it's hardly the same food).

Because MO was never quite satisfied with the pizza selection in the area, he had my Dad (also known as "Fat Boy" of Fat Boy Bakery) show him the real way to make New York pizza from scratch. Sorry - it's a secret family recipe, but I can share some photos!
Last weekend, MO made pizza for the whole gang after we went for a gorgeous hike out near Point Reyes.

peppers and sausage

white pizza with garden rosemary