Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ice cream in February? Indeed!

In the past month or so we’ve made 3 different frozen concoctions…orange sherbet, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and meyer lemon sorbet. They were all mighty tasty but I have to say that the orange sherbet was my favorite. We used some big juicy organic navel oranges from the farmers market and I used this recipe. It tasted like a creamsicle and it was the perfect summery escape during the cold days we’ve had in January and February. The ice cream attachment for my kitchen aid mixer has worked pretty well so far and the best thing about having an ice cream maker is that you can create fun and crazy flavors, and control what goes in (fat content, amount of sugar, organic ingredients, etc). I can’t wait to experiment some more, but I might wait until Spring comes. What ideas for ice cream/sorbet/froyo flavors do you have?

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